„Every thougth has an impact.“


Coaching is an empowering and encouraging form of leading a conversation or being in relationship. Your concern and interest is the center of my focus. I support you to fully discover your potential and possibilites and to mobilize your talents and strengths to achieve your visionas and goals. Together we work in a structured and creative ways on the next steps to be taken on your journey.

discover your strengths and develop your full potential

succeed in personal and career goals

create solutions for conflicts

develop clarity and focus

more ease with making decisions

strengthen resilience and self empowerment

create positive change

 Reasons for a Coaching:

Coaching for Executives

There is no 'one size fits all' for leadership. When we start with being a leader we often imitate our own subconsious experience of being led even though it might not suit our personality, team or organization.

Goals of an Executive Coaching:

discover strenghts and identify areas of development

strengthen and live your authentic style of leadership

Organizational culture: How can I adapt my tasks with that culture and utilize it?

Delegation and letting go and being in control

giving constructive feedback

dealing with challenges and conflicts

strengthen cooperation in your team

lead your team with a shared vision

apply solution-focused coaching tools fast and easily

stress management: How to deal with extraordinary challenges while staying balanced?

Coaching for the Design of Workshops and Strategic Meetings

Efficient planning and facilitation of workshops requires solid preparation and tact. In order to design a clear, structured and efficient design it can be worthwile to have an experienced sparring partner. With my support you are able to design a solution-focused and precise workshop design in a short time. This helps you to achieve sustainable solutions and results for your team.


In my coachings I use a broad and effective repertoire of methods using solution-focused and hypnosystemic approaches.

The coaching process is supported through my unconditional presence, inspiration, humor and best practise examples.

"Hanne Rohrauers wissenschaftlich fundierte und praktische Herangehensweise gepaart mit unkonventionellen Interventionen wenn nötig eröffnete mir die Vereinbarkeit von anfänglich unvereinbar scheinenden Positionen. Problemlösen wird zum lustvollen Schöpfungsprozess."

Mag.a Claudia Prudic, Klinische und Gesundheitspsychologin in der Frauen- und Familienberatungsstelle Wendepunkt

Coaching Hanne Rohrauer Claudia Prudic