„Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.“

Albert Einstein

Learning in the training modules is easy, effective and enjoyable with the the latest scientific research results from postitive psychology and neuro science being applied. The focus is on sustainable transfer of learnings and behavior in every day life.

Core Areas of Training

resilience: strong solutions in turbulent times

resilient teams

finding balance: being effective while feeling good

bye burn-out

self-management with the Zurich ressource model  (ZRM)

solutionfocussed coaching tools for executives

solution hub

giving constructive feedback

dealing with challenging conversations

competent conflict resolution

introducing peer counseling in a team

My clients benefit from inputs from latest scientific research and my longtime experience. Examples from every day worklife and sustainable implementation of the workshop contents is of my utmost concern.

Beate Bauer-Breitsching, Raiffeisen Bank International

„Das Resilienztraining für unsere Führungskräfte war eine gut zusammengestellte Mischung aus Inputs und praktischen Übungen. Besonders gefallen hat mir der Ansatz von Frau Rohrauer und Frau Schrittesser, einfach anwendbare Werkzeuge für den Führungsalltag zu vermitteln.“


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